Schools, Learning and Mental Health

Physical activity is generally promoted for its positive effect on young people’s physical health. A growing body of evidence shows, that physical activity may have positive effects on several mental health outcomes. There is also a strong belief that regular physical activity could contribute to enhanced academic achievement. Longitudinal studies exploring these associations, however, are lacking. There is also a need for studies looking at possible explanatory mechanisms for these relationships at both a school-level and an individual level.


Formal title

Schools, Learning and Mental Health (: a study of school-level factors and processes)


The project aims to understand how physical activity might be related to mental wellbeing and academic achievement, and the role of schools therein.


The project will be conducted as a prospective cohort study, which will track pupils from 11 schools annually, from 8th grade throughout 10th grade.
The measurements conducted are: seven days objectively measured activity level using
an accelerometer, a questionnaire (individual- and school level),
anthropometrical measurements, school grades.