Inclusion and exclusion in youth sports


Formal title

Organized sports in the lives of young people: Towards a more inclusive or exclusive arena for organized youth sports?


The project investigates the position that organized sports has in the lives of young people with the aim of highlighting central mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion.


The first part of the project utilize quantitative and qualitative data from the Young in Oslo, 2015 and 2018-surveys. We explore the reasons that young people consider most important for having quit organized sports and to be engaged in organized sports. Furthermore we look for similarities and differences in these reasons across social groups.

The second part of the project looks more closely at how the parents of young people experiences the demands of organized youth sports. Among potential demands are supporting their children's sport participation financially, logistically, or engaging in voluntary roles and activities. We conduct interviews exploring similarities and differences across social background in a selected few of the largest sports in Norway.

The project is in part financed by The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF).

Partners: Department of Youth Research at NOVA, The Norwegian Confederation of Sports (NIF)