Sport injuries in Rhytmic gymnastics

There are currently no studies that have registered incidence and prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders, as well as injury mechanisms and risk factors associated with these, among Norwegian RG-gymnasts at competition level. 11 international studies have been identified, but only two have prospective design. The Rhythmic gymnastics (RG) rules have changed three times since the latest prospective study was published in 2007, and the current results are therefore outdated.



Formal title

Musculoskeletal disorders among Norwegian Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) - gymnasts at competition level – a prospective cohort study


The purpose of this study is to identify which injuries, injury
mechanisms and risk factors that constitutes the biggest challenges for Norwegian RG-gymnasts at competition level. This is important in order to design more targeted injury prevention programs in the future.


Prospective data collection will be conducted with weekly registration of injuries and injury mechanisms through an electronic
questionnaire sent as a link to the gymnasts' mobile phones. In addition, risk factors are investigated with two independent questionnaires and clinical examination during the follow-up period (August – December 2018).


Results will available in May 2019.