Moving Beyond the Body


Formal title

Moving Beyond the Body – On the Ecological Meaning of Boundaries on Movement in Sport


This research project aims at developing an ecological understanding of the moving human body springing from a modern sport context. The impressive bodily and mental performances of athletes in artificial, biological, and virtual arenas collectively encourage us to combine our self-images as biophysically and -chemically dependent on border-external ecology, while simultaneously reflective meaning- and goal-oriented beings.

How, then, may we understand ourselves holistically within a greater ecological framework as living matter in motion on Earth?


Departing from the physical basis for a cultural and philosophical human-nature divide that is our bodily borders, I will study the body as an open ecosystem, human movement as an ecological process, physical and social borders in performance situations, and the implications of permeable boundaries on the consciousness, autonomy, and ontological statud of interconnected life forms.


I plan to conduct my project through the combination of a classical-analytical and phenomenological-hermeneutical approach. Inclusive of ecophenomenology as well as the specie specific perspectival approach, my methodology is designed to challenge both an anthropocentric absolute division between human and nonhuman life in motion, and a non-anthropocentric claim of sameness