Injuries in youth academy athletes

Adolescent athletes must tolerate large quantities of systematic training while their bodies go through a period characterized by varying growth and maturation. These processes are not linear and vary in both timing and tempo between individuals. Although clinical experience and theories suggest a link between certain injuries and periods of rapid growth and maturation, there is little specific scientific evidence available to back up these claims. A limited number of studies and inconclusive findings highlight the need for more high-quality research studies. This would aid clinicians and coaches in identifying the variables and injuries that are the most valuable to monitor, which potentially could contribute towards reducing the injury burden of their athletes.


Formal title

Injuries in youth academy athletes


The aim of the project is to examine relationships between growth, maturation, training load and injuries in youth academy athletes, primarily in football (soccer) and athletics


Regular assessments of growth and maturation variables, combined with ongoing recording of training load and injuries over several seasons at the Aspire Academy in Qatar are used to examine the relationships between growth, maturation, training load and injuries.