Health related physical fitness

The project is part of my PhD work, where I have been involved in both the national KAN study and the regional AiS study.



Place: Aud. Innsikt, NIH

Formal title

Health related physical fitness (includes both Kartlegging Aktivitet Norge (KAN) and Aktiv i Sør (AIS)


I have studied the prevalence of overweight/obesity and status/normative values of musculoskeletal and neuromotor fitness in Norwegian adults. Additionally, I am studying the effect of a telephone and email based physical activity intervention on various objectively measures of physical fitness and overweight/obesity.


The last data collection in the KAN study was completed between spring of 2009 and fall/winter of 2009/2010. Two of the PhD publications are based on the KAN project and both the articles based on the KAN project are published. The AiS study was conducted in 2011, and the two articles based on the AiS project are planned submitted/published in 2017.


Article 1: 
Obesity prevalence in Norwegian adults assessed by body mass index, waist circumference and fat mass percentage

Article 2: 
Normative values for musculoskeletal- and neuromotor fitness in apparently healthy Norwegian adults and the association with obesity: a cross-sectional study

Article 3 and 4 are planned submitted and published in 2017.

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