Groin injuries in elite female football players

Groin injuries have been a relevant topic in football for a long time. Female football is rapidly developing, and the demands and intensity is higher than ever before. It has been suggested that the increased intensity may increase the risk of muscle injuries, like groin injuries. A resent Norwegian cohort study found that groin injuries are also a problem in female football and that preventative measures are desirable. However, we don’t know what the biggest groin problem is, which is crucial to know when designing a prevention program.


Formal title

ReadyToPlay – protecting the health of Norwegian elite female football players


The purpose of the project is to survey all health problems (illness and injuries) among players in the Norwegian female elite football league, with a specific focus on mapping and classifying groin problems. In addition, we will investigate risk factors for groin injuries. The results from this project will make the foundation for the next project, where the purpose is to design and investigate the effect of preventative measures for groin injuries in elite female football players.


Before the season starts, all players in the Norwegian female elite football league will go through performance testing at the Idrettens helsesenter. Then, throughout the season, the players use a mobile app (AthleteMonitoring) to register weekly:

·        If they have had an injury or illness
.        Training and match load
·        If they have had their menstruation

All the players that report groin problems go through a standardized examination to classify the groin problem, according to the Doha consensus statement (2014).

The results from the performance testing and reporting of load and menstruation will be used to investigate risk factors for illness and injury in female football players, with a special focus on groin injuries.