Functionally specific training of the abdominals and back muscles


Formal title

Functional Core Trainer


Development of a product that will make it possible to train and rehabilitate the abdominal and back muscles where the principles that dictate function are maintained. This results in whole new functional approach core training based upon the load, motion, and coordination of segments within the entire body.


The coordination of the extremities as well as the relationship between the pelvis and thorax is dictated by the function of the abdominal and back muscles. This is important in daily life as well as in athletic performance.

Today there are many methods used to train these muscles that are not necessarily functional, and therefore not specific to the functional task that they are meant to influence. Many, if not all of the methods, are lacking in terms of being based on the principles that dictate function.

There are fundamental principles from our basic sciences that dictate function. Based upon these function can be described as:

  • Three-dimensional movement in space
  • Three-dimensional motions and loads on different bodyparts
  • An integrated chainreaction involving the entirre body
  • Actively subconscious
  • Motion begets motion, where a motion in one direction is the precursor to efficient movement
  • Individual

Only training that fulfils the principles that dictate function and can be described as an integrated chain reaction can be called functional.

Training of the abdominal and back muscles must therefore be integrated with the rest of the body in a purposeful and functional manner. This kind of functionally specific training must give the body the mechanical and sensory input specific to the task that one is trying to have an effect on, whether that is in daily life or in athletic performance. One therefore needs to have a thorough understanding of the task that one is trying to influence through training or rehabilitation.

If one can increase the load of the abdominal and back muscles with this kind of functional specificity, one has isolated these muscles in an integrated manner within a specific functional task. This is called isolated integration. Our product and approach will give this kind of integrated isolation to the training of the abdominal and back muscles to enhance the performance of others.


Prototype 6 has been made based upon feedback from trainers and professionals at the Norwegian National Olympic Training Center (Olympiatoppen). We have support from Innovation Norway and working in collaboration with Oslo Innovation Center.

A company has also been established around the concept and product. Patent is to be filed shortly and a small pilot is in the near future as well. Specific exercises on a basic, intermediate, advanced and sports specific level currently is being developed.