Event Volunteering


Formal title

Research Project Large Scale Sporting Events 2010-2013


Motive for volunteering and what creates increased volunteerism.
Are the event volunteers a different type of volunteers? How can event voluntarism help in recruiting new volunteers.


Little research has been done on event voluntarism in Norway. This study shall investigate the motives of volunteers, if they are satisfied, how they are recruited and who they are. The volunteers from FIS Nordic World Cup 2010 are investigated both before and after the event by help of QuestBack. The same investigation will be done with the volunteers from the World Championships in Skiing 2011 and one year afterwards. Special focus will be on the group not involved in organized sport previously or by any events. Comparisons will be done with international data to find out if there are any differences.  European Championship in handball in Norway 2010 is also included for comparison.