Sport, race and ethnicity, Intersectionality, black feminism, Sport and identity, Critical race theory (CRT)

Formal title

Sport race and gender: experience from black Norwegian athletes


How do individual and institutional racism manifest themselves in Norwegian organised sport? How gender influences the athletes’ experiences and interpretations of racism in sports? 


In autumn 2007 and spring 2008, nine female and eight male Norwegian black athletes were interviewed by the project manager in relation to their experiences as racial minorities in the Norwegian sport. In addition, five leaders working with inclusion and antiracism projects were interviewed. Different documents related to inclusion/integration and antiracism were also analysed 


Race and racism are dynamic and difficult to be captured by a simple and/or single definition or theory. Although direct racism mainly at individual level seem to decrease in the Norwegian sport, that does not necessarily mean racial prejudices have been abandoned. This can imply that racial prejudices and discriminations happen in a more indirect form and make it difficult to provide evidence.