Breakdance – ”that’s me”!


Formal title

Breakdance – ”that’s me”! The significant of movement in a global society.


This project is aimed to explore the meaning of movements and skills in young breakdancers. The overall objective of the study is to unveil youths’ knowledge and experiences in relations to performing breakdance in a multicultural society. Breakdance is a part of the hip-hop culture and has evolved from a subculture phenomenon to a more mainstream activity. In breakdance; the youth explore the body’s capabilities and movements possibilities. The status and position of the dancer is communicated through his / hers performance. The body has a symbolic value that can be converted to social and cultural capital.

Breakdance has many similarities with dance and gymnastics in general, and a deeper understanding of the experiences of young breakdancers may contribute to renew the teaching of dance and gymnastics in the physical educational system.


Field work, participant observation and qualitative interviews.