A Norwegian Research Project on Large-Scale Sporting Event


Formal title

A Norwegian Research Project on Large-Scale Sporting Event


The aim of this project is to provide analysis related to various challenges that major sports events in Norway is facing. This is done by going into two main areas: (i) organization of resources, both financial and human, and (ii) sporting events in relation to social context.
Through three major studies, one on cost / economics, one in history and one on a voluntary basis, these key areas will be illustrated in several ways. This is explained further when the three studies are presented.
By seeing the various studies as a joint project will utilize expertise from multiple disciplines by consolidating / coordinating researchers (eg through workshops where the international capacity to participate), supervision, and administrative coordination. Furthermore, findings and analysis in this way could be coordinated and provide a better overall understanding.
The study will contribute to increased understanding of factors related to major sports events in a Norwegian context, but also comparative studies will be included. There will be studies of various phases of large events, the application stage, planning, execution, liquidation and subsequent use.


There are a number of plans to apply and/or organize major sports events in Norway. These initiatives are taken by cities and regions, sports and Athletic centrally. The knowledge of such events is limited. Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) has initiated a three-year research project (2010-2013) as (i) will provide research-based knowledge relating to applications for major sports events and (ii) establish and further develop a research field in sports events that it now performed only a few studies in this country. Researchers from other than the two mentioned institutions will be linked to the project.