Academic supervision

The work involved in the doctoral thesis must be carried out under individualised academic supervision. The department and the supervisors are to work together to ensure that the PhD candidate participates in an active research group.

The candidate and academic supervisors should have regular contact.

Duties of the supervisors

  • stay informed of the progress of the candidate's work
  • follow up academic-related factors that may cause a delay in the candidate's progress so that the candidate can complete the training within the stipulated time period
  • advise on formulating and delimiting the thematic area and research questions
  • discuss and assess hypotheses and methodology
  • discuss the results and the interpretation of these;
  • discuss the structure and implementation of the thesis, including the outline, choice of language, documentation etc;
  • provide guidance on the academic literature and data available in libraries, archives etc.:
  • advise the candidate on the issue of research ethics related to the thesis