Submission of thesis

The application for evaluation of the doctoral thesis may only be submitted after the required coursework has been approved.

The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • the doctoral thesis prepared in the approved format and in accordance with the institution’s rules regarding the form and number of copies;
  • required written permissions,
  • declarations from co‐authors when this is required
  • statement regarding whether the doctoral thesis is being submitted for evaluation for the first or second time;
  • statement that the doctoral thesis has not been submitted for evaluation at another institution;
  • verification that the required coursework has been completed.
Ved artikkelbasert avhandling, tillatelse til bruk av forlagets versjon av artikkelen i doktoravhandlingen.
If the candidate wants the trial lecture to be in a different language than the thesis, the candidate must apply for this at the same time as the thesis is submitted.
See attached template for submission of thesis (in Norwegian?)
Attachment - info for candidates and co-author declaration

Assessment of the application

The institution (KFU) will assess the application for evaluation of a doctoral thesis. Applications that do not fulfil the requirements stated in section 13.1 will be denied. KFU may also deny an appalication if it is clear that the thesis is not of the quality required.