Practical info before dissertation

Information for the candidate

Printing of thesis

The thesis will be made public in the same version as it was submitted (§18.2). Later versions of the articles cannot be included.

  • An agreement must be made with the printing service of NIH at the latest four weeks before dissertationn. 
  • As a general rule, the file used when the thesis was submitted will be used for printing. If KFU has approved changes, the updated file must be sent with the errata list to 
  • Cover page and title page layout is set up by the NIH print service.  They will also include isbn number.
  • The logo of cooperating institutions will be placed on the title page (when relevant).
  • The candidate must approve the proof before printing - also if the same file used for submitting of thesis will be used for printing.

NIH will pay for 100 examples to be printed before the public defense. The candidate must cover the cost for printing of more examples.

NIH's library will take care of the compulsory delivery of seven copies to the National Library in Mo i Rana. Two copies will be available for loan at NIH's library.

Information and press coverage

The communication department is responsible for press coverage/dissemination and will contact you before the dissertation.

Theme - trial lecture

The candidate will receive the topic for the trial lecture two weeks before the dissertation. The topic will sent by the Study Department to your Let us know well in advance if an additional e-mail should be used.

Technical review before the dissertation

You must contact IT-department - to make an appointment for a technical review prior to the public defense. The candidate is responsible for reserving Auditorium Innsikt. Send an email to Utleie NIH when you know the date for this review.

IT recommends that the PowerPoint presentations for trial lecture and public defense should be made in 16: 9 format (widescreen).

Day of the dissertation

Standard program for the day:

  • 10.15 - 11.00 Trial lecture
  • 13.00 - 16.00 Public deffense with discussion

These times might have to be changed in case the dissertation ist implemented online.

Good luck with all the preparations and to not hesitate to contact AFB if something is unclear or you have questions! Send e-mail or phone Gro Styrmo or Kaja Stene).