The evaluation committee will present a report determining whether the thesis is worthy of being defended for the PhD degree. The committee's report must be submitted no later than three (3) months form the date when committee received the thesis.

The committee’s report is submitted to the institution, which forwards the report to the PhD candidate. The candidate is given ten (10) working days in which to submit written comments to the report. If the candidate does not wish to submit comments, he/she must notify the institution of this in writing as soon as possible



A thesis which has been submitted may not be withdrawn before the evaluation committee has determined whether it is worthy of being defended for the PhD degree.

After the PhD candidate submits the doctoral thesis for evaluation, he/she will be allowed to correct formal errors in the thesis. A list of the errors that the candidate wishes to correct (an errata list) must be attached to the application. The application to correct formal errors may be submitted only once, and no later than four (4) weeks prior to the committee’s deadline for submission of its final report.


Reworking of a submitted doctoral thesis

The evaluation committee may, on the basis of the submitted doctoral thesis and any additional material, c.f. section 14.1, recommend that the institution permit the candidate to make minor revisions to the thesis before the committee submits its final report. The committee must provide a written list of the specific items that the candidate must rework.

If the institution allows minor revisions to the thesis, a deadline normally not exceeding three (3) months will be set for completing such revisions. A new deadline for submission of the committee’s final report will also be set. The institution’s decision pursuant to this paragraph may not be appealed by the PhD candidate.


Rejection of thesis

If the committee finds that extensive changes related to the theory, hypothesis, material or methods used in the thesis are needed in order deem the thesis worthy of a public defence, the committee must reject the thesis



A doctoral thesis that is not found to be worthy of a public defence may be resubmitted in revised form no sooner than six (6) months after the institution (KFU) made its initial rejection. The doctoral thesis may be re-evaluated only once.

In the event of resubmission, the PhD candidate must clearly state that the doctoral thesis was evaluated previously and was not found to be worthy of a public defence.

The committee that originally evaluated the doctoral thesis should normally also evaluate the thesis when it is resubmitted.