Starting - practicalities

All candidates enrolled at the doctorate program at NIH will be affiliated with one of the scientific departments. The head of this department and the office manager are your main contact persons for practical issues.

Access card and e-mail

The department is responsible for making sure you get an access card and an e-mail adress (

Intranet and website

The name of NIHs intranet is Innersvingen. We recommend you spend time to become familiar with both intranet and website.

Innersvingen is only accessible for employees at NIH. Here you will find information about

  • Health - Environment - Safety ("HMS")
  • Chief safety representative
  • Minutes from meetings of the board and general meetings
  • Minutes from "FL" (Rector, Pro-rector and Head of Departments)
  • Minutes from "KFU" (Committee for Research Education)
  • Unions
  • Social/sport events and schedules

Some of the institutes also use Innersvingen for internal communication.

The website is accessible for everybody. As a doctorate candidate, in addition to the "PhD programme pages"we recommend you specifically become familiar with the pages regarding:

  • Research ethics
  • Project administration
  • Library

Doctorate agreement

The agreement will be prepared once KFU has confirmed enrollment at the doctorate program. The agreement specifies the doctorate period (start and finish), any compulsory work outside the doctorate project and your work place/affiliation. The agreement is prepared by and sent you by Department for Research and Library (AFB).

See template for doctorate agreement (pdf).

Main supervisor and - when relevant - co-supervisor will be appointed at the same time as your enrollment. Their role and responsibility will also be specified in the agreement.

Part A of the agreement must be signed by you and by the Head of Department, part B by you and supervisor (s). You are responsible for this. Then you send the agreement to AFB for finalization (part A signed by head of AFB).

For candidates employed outside NIH or with external funding, the agreement will include a part C that must be signed by you, a representative for the external part and NIHs Director.


Main supervisor and - when relevant - co-supervisor will be appointed at the same time as your enrollment. You will find more information in part B of the doctorate agreement and here: Supervisor - role and responsibility

Supervisors are appointed for the whole doctorate period.

For various reasons, Head of Department/supervisor may want to appoint a new supervisor. KFU may appoint a new supervisor, based on a proposal from Head of Department.

In case of a conflict between supervisor and candidate, department head is responsible for summoning both parties for a conversation. Head of Department must follow up on the matter and both parties have the right to present their views. If the situation cannot be solved, and one or more parties request that the agreement regarding supervision is cancelled, the matter should be presented to KFU. The leader of KFU will hear both parties views before a new supervisor is appointed by KFU.

Personnel administrative responsability

As a general rule, department head has also personnel administrative responsability for you. However, if department head is appointed as your supervisor - personnel admininstrative responsability will be transferred to another head of department. Practical questions regarding working hours/holiday/leave/work plan will should still be taken with department head.

Each scientific department has their own contact persons within Department for HR, Finance and Planning.

Leave and extended employment:

See «Permisjon og forlenget tilsettelse» (in Norwegian) for various types of leave and reduced work hours. 

PhD on Track:

PhD On Track - here you can find information on several issues including literature search and how to assess the quality of a journal.


All doctorate fellows enrolled at the doctorate program of NIH are automatically passive members of the NIHSPO (network for doctorate students and postdoctor fellows at NIH). Read more about NIHSPO here: NIHSPO - English