Reporting and mid-term evaluation

All candidates shall make an annual report on their progress. Candidates enrolled after 1st August 2020 shall also receive a mid-term evaluation of their PhD project

Each candidate must annually report the progress of the doctoral work. Deadline for reporting is 1st September every year.  Candidate and supervisor make separate reports . The reports are reviewed and approved by KFU.

Candidates enrolled in the PhD programme after 1st August 2020 will also receive a mid-term evaluation.  This will be an opportunity for constructive feedback and recommendations for further progression.

The mid-term evaluation will preferably be carried out during 3rd semester for candidates with a three-year contract and 4th semester for candidates with a four-year contract - and at the latest one year before planned submission of thesis. See more details about the mid-term evaluation (in Norwegian)

KFU is responsible for uncovering insufficient progress in the doctoral work and inadequacies in academic supervision and for implementing measures to correct this. KFU submits the reviewed reports to the academic sections for informational purposes.

It is the responsibility of KFU to ensure that the quality assurance system functions as intended. In case of inadequate reporting, KFU may decide to interrupt or terminate the student’s participation in the doctoral programme.