Practical research ethics and privacy

An offer for doctorate students who will send an application to NIH Ethical committee/REK and notify NSD before they can participate in the introduction course

NIH conducts a compulsory introductory course for PhD students twice a year. A separate module in the course deals with "Practical research ethics and privacy". The Department of Research and Libraries (AFB) has arranged for a separate offer for candidates who must send an application to the NIH Ethics commitee / Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK) and notify Norwegian Centre for Research Date (NSD) before they have had the opportunity to participate in the introductory course. If this is relevant for you, please contact senior advisor Turid Sjøstedt i AFB.

  1. The candidate will get access to the films "Practical research ethics and privacy" (a total of three films x 15 minutes - in Norwegian)
  2. The candidate will be sent an example of an application to the ethics committee and a checklist for assesment of research ethics. You may contact AFB / Turid Sjøstedt if you need guidance or would like to go through the application draft before it will be sent the committee.

The films will address notification to NSD and NSD will also provide specific guidance (also in English) in connection with completion of the notification form. 

Note: The supervisor is responsible for applications to the ethics committee/REK and notification to NSD and must always ensure the quality of these before submission.

Candidates making use of this offer must participate in the entire compulsory introductory course for PhD candidates. See separate course page for information about the next course.