General information regarding PhD courses

General information regarding PhD courses organized at NIH. Information regarding approval of PhD courses at other institutions. Evaluation of PhD courses.

PhD courses organized at NIH

See overview of upcoming courses at "Generell kursinformasjon PhD" (in Norwegian)

Details regarding each course is published (in Norwegian) at "kurssidene". More detailed information to those registered will be published in Canvas.

Thesis seminar will be organized first time in 2022.

Registration for courses shall be sent

External PhD courses 

External courses/subjects must be at PhD level, be approved by KFU prior to the start of the course. Participation and credits must be documented with course certificates, transcripts and credits, content, program and syllabus.

Mid-term evaluation

Mid-term evaluation of the candidate's PhD project must be carried out when the candidate is midway into the PhD program (preferably 3rd semester for candidates with a three-year contract and 4th semester for candidates with a four-year contract) and no later than one year before planned submission of the thesis.

Evaluation of PhD courses

As part of NIH's quality assurance program, all students who have completed a PhD course organized at NIH will be asked to participate in an evaluation of this course. The surveys are anonymous. The results of the surveys are presented to KFU. The feedback from doctorate students is important to ensure the quality of the doctorate program.