The Supervisor has the academic responsibility for the doctoral candidate's educational progress and shall ensure that the candidate is part of an active research environment.

As a general rule, the PhD candidate will have two academic supervisors, of which one will be designated as the main supervisor. The main supervisor should be appointed at the time of admission.

Co-supervisors are experts who provide supervision in their area of specialisation and complement the main supervisor’s expertise and thus share the academic-related responsibility for the candidate with the main supervisor. 

The candidate and academic supervisors should have regular contact. The supervisor is responsible for following up the candidate's aademic development (via mail, phone or in supervision meetings). The frequency of contact between the parties should be stated in the annual progress report.

The supervisors are required to stay informed of the progress of the candidate’s work and to assess it in relation to the progress plan in the project description

The supervisors are required to follow up academic‐related factors that may cause a delay in the candidate’s progress so that the candidate can complete the training within the stipulated time period.

The supervisors are to give advice on formulating and delimiting the thematic area and research questions, discuss and assess hypotheses and methodology, discuss the results and the interpretation of these, discuss the structure and implementation of the thesis, including the outline, choice of language, documentation, etc., and provide guidance on the academic literature and data available in libraries, archives, etc. The supervisors must also advise the candidate on the issue of research ethics related to the thesis.