Leave and extension of contract

There are three different "types" of leave for doctorate students, with corresponding different application / decision proceedings:

1. Statutory leave/reduced working hours and sick leave for more than 14 days

Candidate shsould send their application for leave to HR. HR will reply the candidate, with a copy to the Department and to Dept of Research and Administration ("AFB").

Note: Application for sick leave for more then 14 days must be submitted within a week.

2. Non-statutory leave/reduced working hours

Candidate should send their application for leave to AFB. AFB will get the necessary comments from head of Department and present the issue to the Committee for Research Education ("KFU"). KFU's assessment will be sent HR who in turn will present it to the Tilsettingsutvalg ("AU"). HR will reply to the candidate, with a copy to the Department and to AFB.

Note: Application must be sent at least 4 weeks before the leave is expected to start.

3. Extension of contract due to work related issues

Candidate will apply to AFB via head of Department. Head of Department will give his/her opinion and confirm whether the application is supported/not supported. AFB will handle the proceedings, Rector will make the final decision. Reply to the candidate is sent via Head of Department.

Note: The candidate is expected to have reported the need for an extension to Head of Department as soon as this was apparent. Head of Department is responsible for finding possible solutions. Reasons for delays which the Head of Department was not aware of, are not considered eligible for extension of contract. Delays must be included in the candidates annual report.