Required coursework

The required coursework comprises a total of 40 credits. It consists of a course in the theory of science and ethics (5 credits), an in-depth study of a specific subject area and methodology (30 credits) and courses on general qualitative and quantitative methods (5 credits).

Candidates are required to pass all of the examinations given as part of the required coursework.

Theory of science and ethics (5 credits)

At the end of the course students will submit an essay on how issues raised in the course relate to the student’s own doctoral project. Essays will be assessed on a pass/fail basis. An external examiner will carry out the assessments.

In-depth academic and methodological study (30 credits)

The PhD candidate must pass an examination on the subject matter no later than one year after the doctoral programme has begun. This examination will consist of written and oral components.

You must register for the exam by submitting this registration form to the exam office. 

Qualitative and quantitative methods (5 credits)

Candidates are required to complete doctoral-level courses in general qualitative or quantitative methods equalling 5 credits at NIH or other academic institutions. The credits must be approved by KFU via the annual report.

The qualitative or quantitative method courses should be completed within the first year of study but at the latest within the first two years.