PhD agreement

As soon as possible after admittance to the PhD program, a PhD agreement shall be made. The agreement consists of one general part (part A) and one part regarding supervision (part B). For candidates financed externally, the agreement includes a part C.

The binding agreement between the parties aims to ensure that candidates admitted to a PhD programme have working conditions that enable them to complete the programme within the specified period of time.The start date for the agreement will be defined as the start date of financing.

The doctoral education normally consists of three (3) years of full-time study.

The plan for completion of a doctoral programme must not set out a course of study longer than six years. The maximum time permitted to complete a doctoral programme is eight years from the start date, excluding legally established leaves and required duties.

If the candidate’s training is interrupted for legally established reasons, the agreement period will be extended correspondingly.

The institution (NIH) may, upon application, extend the agreement period (cf. guidelines for extension of employment).

If an extension of the agreement period is approved, the institution (NIH) may stipulate additional terms and conditions.

When the period of admission expires, the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the PhD agreement terminate. This means that the PhD candidate may lose his/her right to receive academic supervision, participate in courses and have access to the institution’s infrastructure. However, the candidate may apply for permission to submit his/her doctoral thesis for evaluation for the PhD degree.