You can apply for an advertised doctoral position, vacant positions will be published on NIHs webpages. For your information, some of the positions will require Norwegian fluency. You can also apply for admission with external funding. The application must contain documentation of how the doctoral studies will be funded (salary and project cost). Applications with external funding may submit consecutively. 

Application form 

Your application must include the following information:

1) Project description - maximum 10 pages excluding list of literature (12 point, 1,5 line spacing)

2) Progress plan - showing progress per semester, including both work on thesis and courses in literature and ethics, science and method exam and course of method. 

3) Finance plan. Documentation must be included

4) Special needs. Documentation must be included.

5) Stay abroad? Statement indicating plans for staying at institutions or research institution abroad.

6) Dissemination plan - including plans for presentation at national and international conferences.

7) Information on possible IPR restrictions for protection of others partiers rights, that may hinder publication and public defence. 

8) Supervisors - confirmation from the suggested supervisors must be included. For supervisors not employed at NIH, please include full and updated CV.

9)  Legal and ethical issues - statement clearifying possible legal and ethical issues concerning the projects and how these can be settled. The application must indicate if the project will need confirmation from ethical committees or other authorities or from private interests (informants, parents, patients etc.)

10) Educational background - include confirmed (official) statements from universities and also copies of publications relevant for your application.