Committee for Postgraduate Education (KFU)

The board of NIH has assigned responsibility for research education at NIH to the Committee for Research Education (KFU).

KFU consists of seven members, one member from each section with deputies. In addition, the doctoral candidates themselves appoint two members with deputies. The Board of NIH appoints the head of KFU.

Committee members are appointed in their personal capacity, academic members for three years and the candidates' representatives for 1,5 years.

Members of KFU, with the exception of candidates, should have an academic competence of a professor.

KFU is responsible for assuring the quality of the doctoral degree program of NIH. This entails responsibility for accepting candidates to the program and that implementation of the program is subject to the Ph.D. Regulations with provisions. Tasks include:

  • make decisions about admission to the PhD program, including approving the project description and to appoint supervisor
  • act as an expert committee
  • approve annual reports
  • handle complaints on the acceptance and processing of applications
  • handle with complaints regarding approval of courses or other parts of the training
  • appoint the Exam Commission For Subject and method Exam
  • appoint an evaluation committee
  • initiate and implement joint research training
  • decide that the study be discontinued / terminated

KFU has monthly meetings.