Head of Department

The Head of Department is responsible for the following tasks:

  • facilitate international active research within his/her department
  • "personalansvar" for candidates and fellows employed at NIH and shall ensure that external ph.d candidates are incorporated into the section's academic environment.
  • ensure that processes and procedures in the individual ph.d-program is in line with assumptions and schedules
  • promote proposals for expert committee when prospective candidates are applying for admission to the ph.d. program within one month from appointment
  • initiate suggestions for an evaluation committee so that the committee is already appointed when the actual candidate submits the thesis for evaluation
  • seek to find solutions by unforeseen delays in individual ph.d programs
  • ensure that the relationship supervisor/candidate is functioning as intended and uncover supervisor relationship that does not work
  • follow up the candidates annual reporting and uncover missing / delayed progression
  • ensure that candidates present their research and research results