Health services

In Norway, public health services are used by majority of the population and you do not have a private medical insurance beyond travel insurance.

The public health services are divided into two sectors:

  • Primary health care deals with general health issues and is provided locally by general practitioners and community nurses.
  • Specialized health care provides health services by specialists and hospitals. Appointments with specialists and hospitals require referral from a primary healthcare provider.

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Less than 6 months

  • If your stay in Norway is six months or less and you need medical attention, the municipal service office in the area where you are staying will advise you on which doctor to contact. If you are living in Oslo, call 22 93 22 93.

More than 6 months

  • If your stay in Norway exceeds six months (and thus requires that you report moving to Norway you will automatically be assigned a regular general practitioner (fastlege) by your local healthcare office.
  • However, this usually takes at least half a year. To speed up the process, you may contact the Fastlege Office at 800 43 573 once you have received your Norwegian national identity number and register in the regular general practitioner scheme (fastlegeordning).

Health insurance

Anyone formally employed by a Norwegian employer automatically becomes a member of the Norwegian National Health Scheme as of the first day of work.

Note that public health services in Norway are generally considered to be well organized and meet top professional standards. 80% of the population rely wholly on these services and do not have a private medical insurance beyond travel insurance.

Patient user fee

A patient user fee (egenandel) is required when consulting a doctor. If your patient user fees exceed a certain limit (egenandelstak), the National Insurance Office will issue an exemption card that entitles you to free health care for the rest of the year.

Under the following circumstances medical treatment is free of charge:

  • When you are admitted to hospital and are a member of the National Insurance Scheme, you do not pay for treatment, medication or hospital accommodation.
  • Expectant mothers do not pay for pregnancy check-ups.
  • Children under the age of 12 do not pay any medical user fees, and anyone under the age of 18 who requires psychological help does not have to pay any treatment fees. Fees required for children under the age of 16 may be added to the fees of a parent.

Dental care

  • The Public Dental Care Service provides free services for children up to the age of 20. Dental care for adults is mainly private.
  • For dental emergencies contact Oslo Kommune Tannlegevakt. The clinic can also be contacted by phone 22 67 30 00. Check its website for opening hours.