Finding accomodation in the Oslo area


As soon as your plans for a research stay at NIH become definite, you should make finding suitable accomodation a top priority. This holds especially true if family will be accompanying you.

Note: To obtain a Norwegian social security number you need a housing contract valid for more than 6 months.

Some suggestions for short-term accommodation


Reasonably priced accommodation with simple standard:

  • Overnattingoslo (overnattingoslo.no) - single and double room; some with private bathroom and small kitchen, others with shared facilities. Note: They are able to send invoice, but not as EHF.
  • Airbnb (airbnb.com) - private ads. Usually privat bedroom and shared facilities with the owner of the apartment, but also whole apartments for rent. Reviews from previous tenants. Note: They do not send invoice at all.
  • Saga Hotels (sagathoteloslo.com) - They have apartments, hotel and hostel, priced accordingly. They are able to send both ordinary invoice and EHF invoice.
  • Hostels. All are able to send both ordinary invoice and EHF:
    Haraldsheim hostel
    Anker hostel
    Anker apartments

Apartment hotels with high standard and price:

All kinds of short-term accommodation:

Renting private housing

Finding an apartment while still situated abroad may be difficult but not impossible.

Check these bulletin boards:

  • www.finn.no (Norwegian) - By far the biggest marketplace, offering ads for rentals and more. Unfortunately, the page is available in Norwegian only and includes mostly long-term rentals.  Bolig til leie means home for rent. Bolig ønskes leid are announcements by people who wish to rent a house or apartment and may be written in english.
  • www.hybel.no (Norwegian) - Website for housing announcements mainly presenting shared apartments solutions and smaller studio apartments. Hybel.no is unfortunately not available in English, either, although you can translate the ads from Norwegian.
  • www.sabbaticalhomes.com - A resource for home exchanges and rentals for academics while on sabbatical leaves.

Publish an announcement

Foreign researchers are generally considered to be pleasant and reliable renters and therefore popular with Norwegian landlords. Try your luck by publishing an announcement specifying your particular needs.

Familiarize yourself with renting conditions in Norway

Customs and conditions for renting private housing often vary from country to country. Read our tips when renting private accommodation before signing any housing contract!


In Norway, as in many other countries, it is common that the tenant pay a deposit when renting an apartment. The deposit is most commonly in the amount of three months rent and must be deposited in a separate account. Usually one owned by the tenant, with a special provision that neither party can withdraw from the account without the consent of the other party.

Employees hired for a minimum of one year may apply for a welfare loan from NIH to cover the deposit for house rental. Loans are interest-free and are repaid via salary deductions.Dette gjør de ved UiO, har vi en slik ordning??

Standard forms - issued by the Norwegian Consumer Council

Standard tenancy contract (forbrukerradet.no)
Return form: Handover and inventory list on return of accommodation (pdf)


Tenancy Act (pdf)