Team handball: working demands in match play and in training

Knowledge of the working demands in any type of sport is essential for many reasons. Firstly, understanding the physical demands of a sport is a precondition for the planning and execution of optimal training. Further, it is relevant to examine to what extent differences exist in the physical demands imposed by various playing positions. In case of such differences, physical training should be organized in a more individualized manner, rather than providing a uniform type of training for all players regardless of playing position.


Formal title

Team handball: working demands in match play and in training - Position specific demands measured with use of integrated technology


This project aims to investigate the working demands of team handball players, both in training and official games.


This project will be conducted in three different parts. In the first part, we will monitor official games with the national team. These games will be analyzed for physical differences between playing positions, fatigue during match play, and technical/tactical performance. Part two of the project will consist of monitoring of different training drills and official matches. In this part we want to look at differences between the drills, and compare them to official match intensity. In the two first parts of the project, the players will be equipped with accelerometers to measure the intensity. In part three of the project we will do a validation study of an indoor positioning system, for use in indoor team sports. This will be done in a team handball specific manner.