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A majority of all children and youth in the Nordic countries are or have been members of a sport association. The Nordic Model of organizing sport is often referred to as a common term. At the same time, we know that there are differences between the countries in how sport for children and youth are organized. This conference brings together sports researchers from the Nordic countries to discuss changes and continuity in sport for children and youth.

Differences and similarities between the Nordic countries are recurring themes in the conference. The conference starts with an open meeting where researchers from the Nordic countries give a brief introduction to the organization of children's and youth sports, participation patterns and controversies and challenges in each country.

We then invite researchers to present research on a wide range of questions: What are the similarities and differences in the organization and participation in sports between the Nordic countries? Are there major differences in the history of children's and youth sports in the Nordic countries? What kinds of social inequalities are evident in sports participation? What are the values associated with children's and youth's participation in sports? Furthermore, we want presentations that examine sport participation in relation to larger societal frames.

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