About us

The Research Centre produces scientifically based knowledge of important factors affecting lifelong sports participation and contributes to optimal talent development in sport.


The Norwegian Research Centre of Children and Youth Sports (FOBU) is located on the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and is a meaningful contributor Norwegian sports.

The Centre focuses on five major areas for its research activities:

  • Facilitation
  • Talent
  • Athletes
  • Training
  • Growth 

Our purpose

The centre's purpose is to develop and disseminate research-based and practical knowledge of sports activities for children and youth. Knowledge development focuses on individual, social and organizational conditions for creating an inclusive children and youth sport that promotes learning and overall performance development.

The centre involves four main partners: the Ministry of Culture, Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, Olympiatoppen and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Besides collaborating FOBU with other scientific institutions and major prosecutor in Norwegian sport. 


The Norwegian Research Centre of children and youth sports (FOBU) was officially opened on the 1st of September 2008. During the startup, the center had a focus on training and performance.

However from 2013, the centre changed their focus to children and youth sports, and has renamed to the Norwegian Research Centre of Children and Youth Sports. The meaning of children and youth sport is organized sports activity, aged 6-19 years.

The work will in time strengthen the knowledge basis of importance of leadership, inclusiveness and performance development in sport for this age group.

The centre has secured its basic funding from the Ministry of Culture.

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Pierre-Nicolas Lemyre


Phone: +47 23 26 24 22 / +47 412 86 724

Kristin Andersen

Head of Office

Phone: +47 23 26 24 00