Research projects

Male handball coach teaching handball to youth girl players

List of research projects:

Participation in sport for youths with disabilities - Linn Engdahl-Høgåsen (phd)

Youth sport and performance enhancing substances - Anette Skilbred (phd)

Inclusion and exclusion in youth sports - Lars Erik Espedalen (phd)

Coach-athlete relationships - Bård Erlend Solstad

Too Young to Ride? Susanna Hedenborg

Stable Cultures in Cyberspace Susanna Hedenborg

Physiological development in young endurance athletes - Hege ELisabeth Wilson Landgraff (phd) (2020)

The motivational process in talent development in the arts and the sport - Heidi Haraldsen (phd 2019)

Motivation in Youth Sport - Siv Gjesdal (2018)

Motivational and the Development of Excellence in Young Athletes - Gro Jordalen (2017)

Muddling through: The dynamics of talent development in Norwegian women's handball - Christian Thue Bjørndal (2017)

Towards a Better Understanding of the Dynamics of Sports Coaching at the Youth Level - Bård Erlend Solstad (2017)

Legitimation processes of sport organizations - Anna-Maria Strittmatter (2017)