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The Child and Youth Sport Research Center conducts research on children and youth’s sport participation. The centre’s research covers a wide range of topics, including well-being and motivation, integration, social inclusion, training and puberty, coaching, parental involvement and performance-enhancing substance use.

Children swimming practice
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The research centre is affiliated with the Department of Sport and Social Sciences. Our projects are carried out in cooperation with other researchers from this department, researchers from other departments at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and researchers from other institutions in Norway and internationally.

The centre has basic funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Equality.

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Åse Strandbu

Åse Strandbu


Phone: +47 23 26 23 27 / +47 959 17 938

Lene Røe

Lene Røe

Head of Office

Phone: +47 23 26 24 35 / +47 990 12 778