Team sports-laboratory

NIH has the most advanced laboratory for analysis in ball sports in Norway. The lab is used for teaching coaching students, for research, and to perform analyses for external clients

The Team Sports laboratory is equipped with multiple TV-screens, all connected to computers with various analysis software (Spiideo, Hudl Sportscode, Interplay etc.). In addition to TV broadcasts, the screens can project live video and audio from multiple cameras surrounding our football pitch.

From the laboratory, students monitor and analyze their fellow classmates performing a demo session on the football pitch. With groundbreaking camera technology from Spiideo, the students can code, tag, draw and present their analysis to their classmates. This technology provides us with the unique opportunity to provide feedback to coaches, teachers and players within a minute from the actual events..

Our students use the laboratory for preparations and evaluations, for individual analysis and group work, and for analyzing students who participated on the football pitch. This method facilitates a great learning experience, both for analysts and coaches.

The laboratory is also used to conduct analyses for external clients, including teams from the Premier League, Norwegian top flight clubs, Eliteserien, and national institutions such as the Norwegian Football Academy (NFA), Norwegian top football (NTF Sport), and other international federations.

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