The Jacket: Making sustainable clothing choices in outdoor education

Do you have to choose between function and sustainability when buying hiking clothes? And do you need a new jacket at all?

The Jackets paper is a collaborative piece written by eight colleagues at NIH. The paper documents our process towards understanding what can characterize the sustainable production and consumption of outdoor clothing. Based on this, we offer a set of guidelines and assessments that one can make when one considers buying a new hiking jacket.

The Jackets paper is published open access in the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education. Click here to read the paper. 

Following the paper, a chronicle has been published in Utemagasinet  (in Norwegian). 

These publications are a part of our ongoing work to embed sustainability into our teaching and research at NIH. 


Beames, S., Høyem, J., van Kraalingen, I., Eriksen, J., Vold, T., Abelsen, K., Rosenberg, A., & Augestad, T. (2022). The Jacket: Making sustainable clothing choices in outdoor education. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education (CJEE), 1-20.