About the OSF

The Outdoor Studies Forum (OSF) is an international knowledge exchange platform that connects researchers, practitioners and the wider population with the aims of sharing research and knowledge, and discussing challenges in the fields of outdoor education and leisure in the 21st century.

During Covid-19, the concept of learning ‘anytime and anywhere’ has translated into a shift from traditional face-to-face and on-location education into teaching and learning from home and in parks, cafes, and forests.

The Outdoor Studies Forum extends the traditional brick walls of meeting rooms and lecture halls to a virtual academic and educational platform.

We aspire to have a central position in the discussions, debates and research on contemporary issues in the broader field of outdoor studies. In doing so, we also hope to develop collaborations with our international colleagues. 


Contact us

Imre van Kraalingen

PhD Candidate

Phone: +47 23 26 22 55

Simon Kennedy Beames


Phone: +47 23 26 24 09