The research activity at the section is concentrated on five main areas.

Physical activity and health

The main objective is to establish a leading international research center on the topics of sedentary behavior, physical activity and health with a special focus on children and young people. We conduct studies to chart physical activity, sedentary time and anthropometry in the Norwegian population. In addition, we conduct intervention studies to increase activity in specific groups, including students in junior high school. In addition, we undertake studies to investigate determinants of physical activity and sedentary time, and investigate the effect of both of these factors on various health outcomes.

Women, exercise and health

Within this field, the focus is on basic and interventional research into the effect of specific and adapted training for women with particular emphasis on pregnancy and postnatal care, as well as controlled treatment studies and testing of preventive measures in pelvic dysfunction Another research priority is the female athlete triad (eating disorders, menstrual disturbances and reduced bone mass).

Prevention of sports injuries

The research on prevention of sports injuries is organized through the Center for Sports Injuries. The center is recognized as a leader in this field by the broader sports injury community, both nationally and internationally.. The center's overall goal is to develop methods for preventing sports injuries, in both child and youth sports, and at elite level. Read more at and

Active rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders

The Norwegian Center for Active Rehabilitation (NAR) is a formal research collaboration between the Orthopedic Center at Ullevål University Hospital, the Norwegian Athletic Institute (NIMI) and the Norwegian Sports Academy. Development and implementation of methods for assessing an individuals' functional ability is central to adapting appropriate progression to achieve the required training effect.


The goal of fitness research is to perform a) randomized controlled studies that look at the effects of various forms of physical activity and specific training offered in the fitness industry, and b) observation studies within the industry to describe various aspects of participation, including exercise habits, motivation and barriers to exercise, self-perceived physical form, social support and mental health.

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