Teaching at the Section for Culture and Society

The Department of Cultural and Social Studies offers education in Sport Management, Sports and Society and Sports and Cultural Development at bachelor level and in sports science at the master's level.

One-year programs

Basic year in sports science
The first year of the Bachelor of Sport Science (1BA) at NIH is a professional platform for further studies in sports. In addition, the Department of Cultural and Social Studies is responsible for the one-year program "Sports and Society".

Sports and society
Sports and Society is a one-year program where key aspects of sport and its role in society are highlighted, informed by philosophical, sociological, cultural and historical perspectives. The program may be included as a part of a bachelor degree at NIH.

3-year Bachelor Program

Sport Management
The department is responsible for a bachelor course with specialization in Sport Management. The program provides knowledge about work and management in sports organizations, as well as in the voluntary, public and commercial sectors.

Master of Sport Science

The master's program in sports science aims to qualify students for independent and scientific work with sports-related topics. The study forms the basis for doctoral studies in the field of sports science. The department offers a master's program with specialization subjects in sports sociology, sports history / philosophy and sport management.

Adjunct studies

Sports, culture and development cooperation
This one-year program focuses on sport as a "tool for development", particularly in global South contexts. It has its background in the Norwegian Sports Federation and the Olympic and Paralympic Committee's project work in southern Africa and may be part of a bachelor's degree at NIH.