Research Groups

The research groups at the department of physical performance offer the unique oppurtunity of combining research within different fields of sport science by closely colloborating in increasing our knowledge regarding physical performance in various populations.


The focus of this research group is to assess the mechanics of human movement in order to improve physical and sporting performance, and minimise the risk of injury. We achieve this through combined expertise in motion analysis and kinematics; kinetics; electromyography; ultrasound and musculoskeletal modelling.

Muscle-tendon interactions

The objective of this research group is to improve our understanding of muscle-tendon adaptations and processes of non-traumatic injury. The main research areas include muscle-tendon interaction and function, muscle and connective tissue plasticity, and injury mechanisms in muscle and connective tissue.

Molecular Physiology & Epigentics

Our research group investigates if skeletal muscle possesses a 'memory' within its DNA (in the form of epigenetic imprints) after exercise, and after muscle growth or wasting. We also investigate how novel molecules affect skeletal muscle growth and loss.