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The main objective is to facilitate radical change in physical education by developing sustainable and international collaboration between physical education (PE) and PE teacher education that results in equitable outcomes for pre-service and in-service teachers, and school children and youth.

PhysEd-Academy will develop the pedagogy of PE teacher education by identifying, developing, and testing a set of signature pedagogies that can be used across PE teacher education in Europe and the rest of the world. 


The field of PE is built on old and inefficient traditions that are far from current recommended practices and policies, resulting in PE and PE teacher education having little or no impact on children and youth.

PhysEd-Academy will, therefore, directly address current challenges in the field of PE by improving four imperative quality factors: the purposes and content; school teaching; teacher education; and continuous professional development.

The main objective will be achieved through mobility initiatives between PE teacher educators and teachers, involving the following main activities:

  • Developing a network of teacher educators and school teachers
  • Identifying and articulating a set of signature pedagogies for learning across teacher education programs
  • Testing the set of signature pedagogies in initial teacher education and continuous professional development
  • Identifying connections between teacher education and school student outcomes


The outputs of the PhysEd-Academy will be (i) a sustainable international network of PE teachers and teacher educators, (ii) a set of signature pedagogies for learning across initial, induction and in-service physical education teacher education, and (iii) a framework for strategic planning, policy development, proactive leadership, and adaptive design.

This will together create a sustainable international PhysEd-Academy that connects and aligns teachers and teacher educators across Europe, thus ensuring the continuous improvement of school PE and initial, induction and in-service physical education teacher education.

PhysEd-Academy is committed to becoming a key actor in improving the field of PE and will benefit local, regional, and international school PE and teacher education.


  • Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (Coordinator) 
  • Haacettepe University 
  • University of Limerick 
  • University of Ljubljana
  • University of Luxembourg
  • University of Oviedo 
  • Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences
  • Canakkale Sehitleri Ortaokulu lower secondary school
  • Haugerud lower secondary school 
  • Viksjöskolan lower secondary school
  • European Physical Education Assosciation - EUPEA
  • International Association for for Physical Education in Higher Education - AISEP - Associate partner


The project is supported by the Erasmus+ Teaching Academy programme of the European Union. 



1 June 2022 - 31 May 2025

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Mats Melvold Hordvik

Mats Melvold Hordvik

Associate Professor

Phone: +47 23 26 23 04

Astrid Karoline Søby Oftedal

Astrid Karoline Søby Oftedal

Senior Adviser

Phone: +47 23 26 20 34 / +47 454 64 748