Idea competition

    NIH wants to facilitate so that students at NIH can come up with and further develop exciting ideas. We therefore organize NIH's first idea competition. The competition is open to all semester-registered students and there are of course nice prizes.

    The award competition is open to the public.

    Deadline submission  

    May 2, 2023 at 11:59 pm

    Important dates
    • March 1 - Launch
    • March 31 - Deadline registration for the competition
    • May 2 - Deadline delivery of idea
    • May 16 Deadline feedback for eligibility (from committee)
    • May 30 - NIH ideacontest
    • Late autumn 2023 - Possible international competition


    • Up to NOK 10,000 to develop the idea further
    • Personal gift card of NOK 1.500,- (up to 4 people)
    • Best pitch receives personal gift cards of 1.000,- (up to 4 people)
    • Winners in both categories will have their idea visible in NIH's platforms


    1. NIH students or PhD students (semester registered spring 2023)
    2. Minimum 2 people
    3. Must be able to attend physical competition (May 30) with at least one person
    4. Must submit written contributions
    5. Must be a new idea and participants may already have a company (company is not a requirement)
    6. Should be able to compete internationally in late autumn 2023 (HEInnovaSport)

    Template for submission

    Answer the questions below in the submission.


    • What problems or needs do you solve?
    • Who are your customers? (Who has the problem/need and is willing to pay to solve it?)
    • How important is the issue/need to your customers? Why?
    • Can you quantify the market potential, e.g. through market size, growth, gain, etc.?

    Your solution, your idea

    • What is your solution (concept, product, business model, etc.) to the problem/need?
    • What are the unique and/or particularly important parts of your solution?
    • How can you protect the solution and create competitive advantages?

    Customer benefit

    • What is the benefit to the customer of using your solution (expressed in money/time/convenience/improved quality/etc.)
    • How great is the benefit compared to what the solution costs?


    • What competing solutions exist (and competing companies)?
    • What are the alternative solutions (other ways to solve the problem/need)?
    • Why is your solution better than your competitors' and alternatives?

    The way forward

    Prepare a work plan proposal for how you can take the idea further

    Format submission

    1. Maximum 3 A4 pages, font size 11, font Times New Roman, 2 cm indentation/margins
    2. Description of the idea according to the specified template for submission
    3. Ships to by 11:59 p.m. on May 2, 2023
    4. Mark the submission Gruppenavn_NIHIdékonkurranse2023

    Assessment and the way forward after submission

    • All ideas are considered by members of project group HEInnovasport NIH
    • The assessment emphasises the following:
      • Need (max 5 points)
      • Solution (max 5 points)
      • Competitive situation and advantage (max 5 points)
      • Outline work plan for the road ahead (max 5 points)
      • Total impression (max 5 points
    • Everyone receives written feedback
    • Entries considered for physical competition will be notified by e-mail on 16 May 2023

    Report your interest

    We offer guidance for those who want it

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