NIH - Coronavirus actions and recommandations

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences is implementing measures to limit the spread of coronary infection in accordance with the advice of Norwegian health authorities. This has an impact on both employees, students and tenants.

Only some info is provided in English. For general info please refer to public sources.

Closures and cancellations - rental etc.

UPDATED March 12, 18:45 am - The emergency management team decided today (Thursday) to close the entire campus from 1 p.m. 18:00 and until further notice. This means that all halls, fitness centers, swimming pools and wardrobes are physically closed and no one comes in with their access card.

Working remotely/ from home

UPDATED 12 MARCH 18:45 Employees must follow the advice of the Directorate of Health that those who can, should work from home. To work from home, follow the steps below.


UPDATED MARCH 12 12:10 Coronavirus infects as with colds and flu. Everyone should follow standard hygiene measures.

Contacts - coronavirus outbreak

UPDATED MARCH 12 12:23 - Here you will find contacts for general information and questions and messages about infection or quarantine.