The Foundation for Student Life in Oslo (SiO) is a student welfare organisation that provides a wide range of services to make the student life easier, including student housing.

Happy students at NSSS

Student housing

We recommend you to apply for student housing as soon you get the Letter of Admission, stating that you have been accepted as an exchange student at NIH.

The nearest Student Housing to NIH is Kringsjå Student Village, and Sogn Student Village in that order.

Residence permit

A residence permit is required by all exchange students who intend to stay in Norway for more than three months (except citizens of  Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland).

Students coming to Norway on exchange programs such as ERASMUS or a bilateral exchange program, are recommended to apply for a residence permit within 7 days after arrival in Norway. The International office can assist students in this process after arrival.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is in charge of Residence permits.

The Health department at Toppidrettssenteret

NIH has made an agreement with the Health department at Toppidrettssenteret about consultations by sports related injuries, both sudden and chronic injuries. The consultation is free. Regular consultation  is not included in the agreement.

Student Health Service at SiO

As a student at NIH you have access to the Student Health Services at SiO located at the University of Oslo (Blindern). Here you can sign up for a regular general practitioner (GP), help you with vaccination and dentistry or you can make an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist. The consultation are free.

Student counselling at SiO

If you need someone to talk to about problems ranging form everyday problems to those that are seriously affecting your ability to function, you can contact the Student Counselling at Blindern, University of Oslo. They provide a free and confidential service dedicated to support students by professional counsellors. This is a safe place to work out new strategies together with someone who will listen and offer new perspectives.  

Student recreational activities

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences student organizations offers several on and off campus recreational activities. NIHI is the students sport organization that offers a variety of organized sports on campus. GiGass is a leisure and recreational activity group that sets off on wild adventures.

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