Members and duties

The student council represents and advocates for NIH students.

Student Council

Consists of five members who each represent the students in various committees internally and externally. They are the link between the students and the administration and faculty. To perform the job in a satisfactory manner, the Council involves elected members. 

The Student Council also ensures student involvement by hosting different debates and motivational lectures. 

Duties of the Student Council

  • Represents the students in a number of committees, including regular meetings with the school management, voting rights in the executive board at NIH, the study committee, the equality committee and the learning environment committee.
  • Grants money for events in classes and student associations.
  • Coordinates the various student associations at the school.
  • Works to ensure that relevant information about student life and career opportunities reaches students.
  • Leads the student representative system through forums and student representatives meetings.

Current members of the Student Council 2022/2023:


Tom-Daniel Laugerud

Deputy chairman

Joakim Marthinsen

Board member

Heidi Linn

Board member

Lilliane Seierstad Dale

Board member

Stig Nygård