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Sosiale NIH is a student society for students at the Norwegian School of Sports Science (NIH) and has a goal to organise a variety of activities to contribute to a good student experience.

  • Special prices for larger events
  • Quiz nights thoughtout the year
  • Members nights
  • A cup of free coffee/tea on members' nights (refill only 5 kr)
  • Option to rent Høydehuset for private events (with other students, not external)

Throughout the year we have members' nights (where we watch movies, sports or play games), quizzes and larger parties. Our goal is that you as a student should get the opportunity to get to know new people (preferably across different courses) and have fun during your time at the NIH.

To access all this, you have to be a member of the student society.

  • Members fee for international students only staying for ONE term is 50 kr and is paid via the platform Spond (this is subject to verification that you are only a student for ONE term).

Please note that it can take 1-3 days from you’ve paid the fee till you see the group in the Spond app. You’ll find the Spond app in the app store on your phone and important that you login/register with the same email and phone number that you fill in on this form. Another of the NIH student societies, GiGass, also uses Spond. This way you get all your student societies info in one place.

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Sosiale NIH

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Njord Are Lande Ulleberg