About us

Sosiale NIH is a student society for students at the Norwegian School of Sports Science (NIH) and has a goal to organise a variety of activities to contribute to a good student experience.

  • September 2018: The association is formally founded, but historically Social NIH and Høydehuset were two separate associations before they merged
  • 2020: Social NIH took over the rental business of Høydehuset.
  • August 2022: Registered in the voluntary register and the Grasrotandelen (a part of the National Lottery scheme in Norway that gives profits and support to sport clubs and non-profit organisations)

About the association

It can be both exciting and fun, but also a little scary, moving to a new country, starting a new school and getting to know completely new people. Through various social gatherings across classes and levels, we at Sosiale NIH want to contribute to the students forming closer ties, making new friends and having fun at all the association's events.

Social NIH has several events during the school year both in the school's student pub "Høydehuset" and in various external premises. Among these are a monthly quiz at Høydehuset, sports shown on the big screen, a Halloween party, a Christmas workshop and other major events.

  • Daily management of the association
  • Representing the association outwards
  • Make sure the associations policy is followed throughout the entirety of our work.
  • Making sure agreements in the anual meetings are followed
  • Plan and excecute the associations total work
  • Ensure that the associations funds are used and managed in a responsible manner, in accordance with decisions made in the annual meetings, and ensure that the associations has a satisfactory and sound management of all economical aspects. Appoint two people that will jointly manage the associations accounts.
  • When needed, appoint committees, sub groups or individuals for special tasks, and produce an instruction for their task(s).

The board

Social NIH's board currently consists of four members, all with a unique background who bring different skills to the association. The board wants to further develop the offers of the association and increase the number of members. Sosiale NIH will have more focus on low-threshold gatherings and create an arena where you can make new acquaintances, not just have big parties. By having a wider offer, we hope to attract different students and thus increase the number of members.

The board also has a plan to establish a permanent volunteer group for the association and is already well underway with this. The idea is that you volunteer at Sosiale NIH's events in exchange for a fixed discount on our items on our menu and free entry to the big events you don't work for yourself. This will help to create a sustainable organisation that will ensure that the association is stable over time.

- We have gotten a good board in place and I really feel that together we can further develop Sosiale even more by building on the work our predecessors have done. All four of us bring with us different skills and strengths that will be able to contribute to an even better association. This summer, we worked a lot "behind the scenes" to get a part in place in administration, new supplier agreements and new routines, says manager Markus.

Contact us

Chairman of the board

Markus Holm Buvarp

Deputy Chairman / Head of economics

Tom-Daniel Laugerud

Member manager

Njord Are Lande Ulleberg

Communications manager

Karianne Nordgarden Årstad