About us

NIHI is the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences own student sports team. We want to give our students a wide range of activities in their studentlife. The activity offer and the organization of the activities are at all times adapted to the wishes and interests of the students.

To become a member of NIHI, you must register/log in via HoopIt. Here you can register and create your own user account. In hoopit you can also pay membership fees, as well as sign up for weekly training sessions and events!

Membership price per semester: NOK 100,-

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Who are we?

NIHI arranges weekly training in futsal, handball, volleyball, swimming, running, strength training, yoga, tennis, badminton and more!

In addition to weekly training, we have a men's football team playing in the 6th division. We are always looking for new sports that students want to compete in!

In addition to this, we organize informal events for NIH's students, such as a volleyball tournament and puzzle run in sponsor week, the Great Class Battle in association week, the NIH games, the NIHI race, flashlight tours, etc. We also have a tradition of organizing the Oslo Futsal Cup in the spring for all futsal-loving people. We also participate in national student cups, student national championships and student games under the auspices of the Norwegian Student Sports Association.

NIHI also contributes to student sports at a local and national level by participating in nationwide events such as student championships and the student games. We also participate in student politics in Oslo to strengthen the student sports environment in Oslo.

Contact us

Instagram: @NIHidrettslag
Facebook: NIHI - Norges Idrettshøgskoles Idrettslag
Mail: NIHI.leder@gmail.com