Become a member

Members of GiGass in red shirts from LaPoint rentals is surfing in a wavy, dark blue ocean water in Hoddevika, Stad.
Surfing at Stad with GiGass

How to become a member

Fill out the registration form and you will very soon be given access to our group on the app Spond. Shortly after you will be sent a payment request on either spond, or mail. This small fee will let you keep the group access and your rights as a member.

The fees are a 100 NOK for ordinary students, and 50 NOK for exchange students. 

Membership benefits

  1. The oppurtunity to join our weekly activites and fun stuff.
  2. Prioritized in ticket-queue for our bigger events.

  3. Access to our equipment storage. In our office we hold gear for hiking, climbing, sleeping outdoors, cooking, safety equipment and much more.All of this is free to our members.
  4. Our group on spond, where all the practical information on our trips is being shared, as well as a good channel for communication with the associations board as well as other students.

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