About us

Members of GiGass standing before and after a swim in the Pier at Sognsvann. It is a foggy autumn morning, and there are green leaves in the foreground.
Morning swim at the pier in Sognsvann
Members of GiGass posing with a big amount of collected garbage at a beach in Vadsø
GiGass cleaning beaches in Vadsø

GiGass is a student association by and for students at NIH. We gather active and social people to explore known and unknown activities in the outdoors. We are, quite simply, the association for those who enjoy having fun, preferably over time.

We ski, snowboard, longboard, surf, climb, hunt mountain peaks, do bonfires, swim (all year), arrange cool events and excursions. 

As a member you'll be first in line to buy tickets for our bigger events and excursions, like our ski trip to Hemsedal called Hemsegal and the surf trip to Hoddevika, Stad. You also get access to our popular, free equipment storage and free participation on our weekly activities through Spond. 

Spread the word, and bring your classmates!

GiGass family for life!

The boards responsibility

  • Daily management of the association
  • Representing the association outwards
  • Make sure the associations policy is followed throughout the entirety of our work.
  • Making sure agreements in the anual meetings are followed
  • Plan and excecute the associations total work
  • Ensure that the associations funds are used and managed in a responsible manner, in accordance with decisions made in the annual meetings, and ensure that the associations has a satisfactory and sound management of all economical aspects. Appoint two people that will jointly manage the associations accounts.
  • When needed, appoint committees, sub groups or individuals for special tasks, and produce an instruction for their task(s). 


  • Drink fish oil before every meeting
  • GiGass-babtism for the board at 1st desember. 
  • GiGass is for everyone that believes everything is possible. We want to reach for the sky, and dig to the earths core in search of the ultimate GiGass-vibe.
  • A group who is open to all of NIH's students that wants to explore the norwegian outdoors and all its qualities.
  • We won't let weather hinder us.
  • Playfullness is the senter of our philosophy.
  • You're not crazy, even though you might act like it.
  • We are for the ones that want to grow both mind and body.

Contact us

Chairman of the board

E-mail: Mtevjan@nih.no
Phone: +47 94 19 50 19

Deputy Chairman / Head of economics

Elias Fridal Teilgård
E-mail: Eliasteil@mail.com
Phone: +47 48 34 31 98

Board member 1

Madeleine Mella
E-mail: Madeleinemella@gmail.com
Phone: +47 46 84 19 81

Board member 2

Solveig Skattebo
E-mail: solveig.skattebo@hotmail.com
Phone: +47  41 06 41 50

Board member 3

Hanna Killingmoe Såstad
E-mail: hannaksa@nih.no
Phone: +47 97 70 36 57

Board member 5

E-mail: Ibenjeppesen.uh@gmail.com
Phone: +47 92 85 52 33